How I Work

Chances are you've never been the centre of attention that you will be on your wedding day. Meeting ahead of the big day allows us to get to know each other and makes the photographic experience much less intimidating. It also gives me a chance to find out what you really like and dislike. I operate an unobtrusive and relaxed style of photography; the photographs should be a reflection of the day and not be an obstacle to the natural flow of the proceedings.

Please call or email to check availability

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the packages adaptable?
Yes, if you want to make any changes to the packages available, just let me know and I will work out a bespoke quote for you. Alterations can be made to the choice of album, amount of time spent at the wedding, and inclusion of extra albums (additional albums ordered prior to the wedding day come at 10% discount). [back to top]
Q: When do I have to pay?
Current payment terms are detailed on the Terms & Conditions page. [back to top]
Q: Can my photos be altered?
Yes, if you want photos to be digitally altered (for example, teeth-whitening) this can be done before the photos are printed. Such manipulation does take time so this does incur a small extra cost. [back to top]
Q: When do we see the photos?
I am happy to select and arrange the photos for your album/wedding book but, if you prefer, a viewing can be arranged in the studio or at your home where you can select the images you would like included. The timing of this is done to suit you. The images chosen will also be available on the website for you or your guests to view within two weeks. [back to top]
Q: When do we get the album?
Delivery is usually within 4-6 weeks (depending on the choice of album and time of year). If you prefer to choose the images yourself this will add a delay to the process. Orders are done on a first-come, first-served basis. [back to top]
Q: Can we order more items?
I have a large range of products including albums, 'thank you' books, framed prints and canvases. Prints remain on the website to view for 6 months after the wedding. After that date, orders may still be placed by calling or emailing. [back to top]
Q: Can I have a DVD?
A modern take on the wedding album is a DVD of the images. These will be optimized for viewing on a television or computer and will include requested music (either from your own CD or purchased from the internet). [back to top]