The Studio Session

The Studio

Portrait sessions are held in the relaxed environment of our purpose built studio. Most shoots take around an hour but, unlike some places, you won't be rushed out of the door when the time is up. If a little longer is required then more time is given.

An initial consultation will help to determine the look you are after, and then it's my job to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so your photos will look great!

Vouchers are available and make terrific presents for friends or family. Please contact Georgina Shellard Photography for further information.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What should I wear?
Bright colours look great, especially on children. Avoid patterns or fussy outfits, but most importantly, wear something you like and feel comfortable in. Relaxed and casual clothes look great for more informal photos and make posing easier. Make-up tends to be minimized by studio lighting so apply as if going for a smart evening out. [back to top]
Q: How long will it take?
The average session will take about an hour, but this depends on what sort of group shots you want. If there is a large family group, but you want individual or smaller group photos as well, then this will take longer. [back to top]
Q: Will it be hard to photograph my children?
Children can get every excitable, especially in new environments, If we are unable to get the shots you want we can reschedule the shoot and try another time. However, I do feel that photos should show the character of a child and usually we can work around most situations and get great results. Please feel free to bring favourite toys along. [back to top]
Q: Do you photograph pets?
Well behaved dogs and cats are welcome at the studio. Cats can become alarmed in unfamiliar environments so cat portraits can be shot at your own home. [back to top]
Q: Can under 18's book a portrait session?
I welcome people of all ages to my studio, however those under 18 years of age must be accompanied by adults. [back to top]